Our charity partnerships

As an SME ourselves, our focus is partnering with the smaller charities that are local to us. Charities do amazing work and need funding all year round.


We will help out by taking part in various events, as well as volunteering, each member of IntaPeople are committed to raising as much money as possible to hit our goals of giving back.


We’ll be keeping you updated with who we are supporting, what we have been doing, where the money has gone and what impact it’s had.


Can you recommend a charity, we’d love to know who, share your ideas.

Fundraising for Calon Hearts; the heart charity for Wales

A significant proportion of heart related deaths are preventable by simple screening, and beneficial treatment strategies being available and accessible.


Calon Hearts, through providing defibrillators and heart screening programmes, have helped many people across Wales with life-changing and life-limiting cardiac conditions. Placing 15885 defibrillators, screening 6477 hearts, and training 74632 people on CPR.


We are honoured to help them continue this important work to help save more lives.


To find out more about the impactful work Calon Hearts do, please visit their website: https://www.calonhearts.org/


You can see information on our latest events, news and updates below. You will be able to view our fundraising progress soon…


IntaPeople charity partnership 2023/2024 with Calon Hearts

Our charity partnerships

IntaPeople is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Calon Hearts for the next year.

Calon Hearts raise vital funds to protect the health of the public in Wales through the provision of heart screening, defibrillators, and CPR training.