Putting the people into IntaPeople

At IntaPeople we’ve built up a fantastic and supportive community of recruiters who have autonomy, accountability, ongoing support and amazing progression opportunities. Most of all we laugh, joke and ride the rough times…together!


We could spend ages telling you why IntaPeople is a great place to work but why not let our fab team tell you themselves! You’ll get the chance to meet some of our team and find out more about why they enjoy working at IntaPeople. Look out for #MeetTheTeam posts on our socials or learn more about working for IntaPeople right now:


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. What’s something you’re proud of? My son, hands down

2. What’s your favourite food? Caribbean, Jamaican plantain, curried goat, rice & peas! Yum

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A fashion designer, I loved art and enjoyed designing clothes

4. What’s your idea of a perfect day? A picnic by the sea in the sunshine 😊

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? Noel Gallagher and Nicholas Cage when I worked at Harvey Nics

6. What makes IntaPeople different to anywhere else you have worked? The Managers trust me, they are all lovely and extremely supportive. Nothing has ever been too much from the moment I joined


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1.  What attracted me to IntaPeople I was attracted to IntaPeople because of the supportive culture and friendly team.

2. Do you like travelling? I love travelling and seeing the world, learning new information, trying new food and exploring whilst catching a lush tan.

3. What three items would you take with you to a deserted island? I would take sweets, my eyelash curler and phone

4. What’s the most exciting part of your job? I find supporting and getting to know candidates throughout the recruitment process the most exciting part. From start to finish, I love supporting others and seeing them happy at the end.

5. What’s one thing you’re really good at? Eating my way through my fridge and cupboards as well as giving good positive advice 😊

6. What’s your favourite season? My favourite season will have to be December, because it’s filled with presents, food and family time. I am also a Christmas Eve birthday girl, so do love a present.


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. What sort of duties do you have at work? Except for the usual recruitment goddess duties, I’m nominated social sec, conversation starter, entertainer, B Corporation go-getter, recycling officer and general nosey parker

2. What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Well, it’s gotta be the big one…Glastonbury!! Is there a better place on earth??

3. Are you a sports fan? Who are your favourite teams? So I’m a fairly new fan to F1 but I’m pretty obsessed. McLaren is my chosen team (Lando is my fav driver) though I do have a soft spot for Charles Leclerc ❤

4. Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’m neither, I come alive in the afternoon 2-4 is where I find I’m most productive. That goes for work, exercise, cleaning, everything. I’m a middle of the day person

5. What’s your idea of a perfect day? Waking up in my camper van, parked up next to the sea, sun shining, kettle on and a beautiful day of paddleboarding and sunbathing ahead of me. Finished off with a BBQ on the beach, burgers, a full block of halloumi, some veggies with a few drinks. Bliss!

6. Why would you recommend anyone joining IntaPeople? You’re encouraged to be your own kind of recruiter. You have the freedom to manage your own time, but the guidance is there if you need it. The team make Intapeople a great place to work. Everyone is working towards the same goal, don’t get me wrong, there’s a healthy amount of internal competition but we work together. If one of us succeeds, we all succeed and then we celebrate!


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. What’s your job title? My job title is Graduate/Associate Recruitment Consultant – also known as the Quiz Master. I joined IntaPeople following university and entered recruitment from scratch, with no prior experience. I have learnt everything I know in recruitment through IntaPeople’s training program and the mentorship of senior members of the team

2. Are you a sports fan? Who are your favourite teams? I am an English Manchester United fan, so I am pretty used to being hated by most sports fans haha. My favourites from other sports include Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Israel Adesanya, Michael Bisping, Ben Stokes, Judd Trump, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Max Verstappen, Usain Bolt, Phil Taylor, Johnny Wilkinson. Absolute GOATs

3. What’s your favourite movie? I am a Star Wars geek – if someone had a gun to my head, I would pick Revenge of the Sith. However, I like all of them; apart from the sequels – I push them to the back of my brain and forget they ever existed lol

4. Who do you look up to within the company? At IntaPeople, I look up to Arran, because he started in the same position as me and has earned his position in the company. This shows me the opportunity to progress and be successful at IntaPeople

5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? I would not change anything about my life. As long as I’m alive, happy days. “If you’re always happy at the present moment, you’re always going to be happy” – Dene Field-Dawson, 2022

6. What’s the one thing that has surprised you about joining IntaPeople? The people and management. I was surprised by how positive the team is and how helpful everyone is. I was expecting a more ‘serious’ (for lack of a better word) working environment, with an angry, stressed boss breathing down my throat. But, at IntaPeople, everyone helps each other and the team is always smiling


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. What’s something you’re proud of? Being the first immediate family member to obtain a degree

2. What’s your favourite food?Medium rare steak

3. What’s one thing you’re really bad at? Timekeeping

4. Who do you look up to within the company? Rich because he’s 6”4

5. Do you like travelling? Yes, I plan on travelling to as many places as possible

6. Why did you choose IntaPeople to start your career in recruitment? I didn’t, IntaPeople chose me. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard!


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. Are you a coffee or tea person? 100% a coffee person. I physically cannot function without one in the mornings.

2. What’s your favourite season? My favourite season has got to be summer. I love the extended daylight hours, sunsets and warm weather.

3. What’s your favourite holiday? Ibiza! You can’t beat sitting down Mambos watching the sunset.

4. What’s your favourite food? It would have to be Chicken Goujons or Sushi, could live off them.

5. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have 2 springer spaniel x border collies. They’re my fur babies.

6. What’s your biggest fear? Clowns or Spiders. There is nothing I hate more.

7. What attracted you to IntaPeople? It was a step out of my comfort zone but they offer good progression opportunities and I felt it was a right step for my career progression. Everyone is super supportive and genuine; it is a nice office environment to work in.


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. Do you have any pets? I have two female Doberman x Staffs called Chunk and Bailey. They’re super naughty and have no idea how big and heavy they are, but they’ll always be my babies

2. Are you a coffee or tea person? I was a coffee person until my unborn child made coffee smell like a tin of tuna, now I don’t know who I am

3. What’s your biggest fear? Things that shouldn’t be under the sea, being under the sea (like sunken ships, statues, cities etc)…it gives me literal chills thinking of giant things in the ocean (including giant living things)

4. What was your favourite subject in school? I’d just put in my earphones, block out the world and let my brain make pretty things

5. Do you have any phobias? Everyone seems to think that it’s just a fear of holes, but it’s bumpy textures for me. Gives me a tight chest and makes my skin crawl

6. Why did you choose IntaPeople to start your career in recruitment? Because a wonderful woman named Donáh reached out to me whilst I was in an awful job, desperate for a career change for the sake of my mental health. I’ve always wanted to get into recruitment, and it couldn’t really have come at a better time for me. I didn’t actively seek out IntaPeople, but I’m glad I chose to begin my career with them as I’ve never enjoyed a job so much as this


Putting the people into IntaPeople

1. What was your first paying job? I worked the deli counter of a South African shop, afterschool and weekends for £3.50 an hour

2. Can you speak more than one language? I am natively from Mallorca but have an English mother, therefore I can speak Spanish, Catalan, and English. I also used to be able to speak French but haven’t done so in years, so I am a bit rusty

3. What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn at Concorde 2 in Brighton was incredible.

4. What’s your favourite movie? Snatch, and pretty much anything else directed by Guy Ritchie

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Definitely an extrovert, can’t stand being on my own

6. What do you like most about working for IntaPeople? The rest of the staff and the absolute VIBEZ