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Outplacement services

Author: IntaPeople | Date published: 31/07/20

Outplacement services

Are you restructuring or downsizing? Are you worried about making redundancies and how this will impact morale?

Nobody wants to lose their job or face redundancy but by using an outplacement service you can take something typically negative and turn it into a positive, not only helping your redundant employees but also strengthening your employer brand.

What is outplacement support?

Outplacement support helps employees affected by redundancy to confidently navigate the job market and quickly transition into a new role. It’s an integral part of the employee lifecycle, ensuring exiting employees feel supported as they move onto the next phase of their career and continue to be brand advocates for you, the employer.

Benefits of our outplacement service

1. Strengthen your employer brand
Did you know 79{2dfa1182ec7ee05805b813a9bdf2250092cde9d7c1f61c8843435a2d9f70cb53} of job seekers are likely to use social media in their job search and 50{2dfa1182ec7ee05805b813a9bdf2250092cde9d7c1f61c8843435a2d9f70cb53} of candidates wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase? Platforms like Glassdoor make it easy for job applicants and employees (both past and present) to leave anonymous feedback on any part of the recruitment process and their experience as an employee. By looking after your exiting employees and providing them with outplacement support you can strengthen your employer brand and ensure these employees remain brand advocates.

2. Improved employee engagement
Organisational change and redundancies can affect the whole company, including the team morale of retained staff. How you look after colleagues and friends who have been made redundant has a direct impact on the attitude and productivity of current employees. Outplacement support can help improve your employee engagement and ensure your team morale is maintained.

3. Effective change management
Offering job search services and advice to redundant employees helps with the transition period. When these individuals feel supported they are more inclined to share their knowledge and processes, conducting necessary handovers to staff that remain.

Great outplacement support doesn’t need to be complicated or costly

If you have individuals facing redundancy as part of a restructure or downsizing processes, we can provide the necessary job search support to help them find new employment as soon as possible. This not only gives them peace of mind, but it allows you to focus your time and energy on business operations and the morale of the retained team.

Our outplacement services are customised for employees at all levels of the organisation, whether you need support for just one individual or as part of a large-scale programme of change, we can help. We have the experience and flexibility to build a tailored outplacement solution that works for you and your employees. This can include:

– Unlimited access to award winning recruitment market expertise
– 1-2-1 coaching and advice from an experienced Talent Consultant
– On-demand downloadable toolkit of resources including CV templates, interview tips and job search advice
– CV and LinkedIn profile reviews
– Interview simulations
– Ongoing job search support, email job alerts and vacancy matches
– A series of advice workshops, either online or in person, including what makes an effective CV, utilising social media for job searches and all you need to know about interviews

To find out more about how we can help you protect your employer brand when making redundancies, please get in touch.

Our consultants are happy to have a confidential chat about your circumstances and put a tailored, cost-effective proposal together based on your requirements.

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