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The software developer skills companies need the most

Author: IntaPeople | Date published: 30/05/22

The software developer skills companies need the most

Software developers are constantly in-demand by employers looking to grow their businesses and take advantage of consumer markets and new technologies. But it covers such a wide variety of disciplines and expertise that it’s hard for developers to know which software developer skills are worth investing their time and energy in upskilling.


Knowing current industry trends will help you make that choice more effectively and focus on the skills that employers want most.


Top 5 software developer skills most in demand

The STEM fields are a constantly growing and developing. Trends fluctuate based on working practices, consumer behaviours and new innovations. While there are plenty of skills to learn and master as a software developer that will help you do your job to a high standard, there are a few skills that particularly make you stand out to an employer.


Here are the top five software developer skills employers are looking for:


1. Cloud computing

Demand for cloud computing skills remains high due to a continued shift to cloud-based infrastructure thanks in part to an increased need for accessibility. Hiring managers are looking for developers whose skills align with the cloud vendor used by the organisation, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) or Google (GCP) are the most popular with AWS proving most popular with a 45% market share.

 Another in-demand cloud computing skill is containerisation. Employers are increasingly looking for proficiency with a container orchestration tool such as Kubernetes or Docker.


2. Data analytics

Businesses are built on data and the amount of data organisations have access to is increasing. Software developers who understand how to manage, organise, and secure large amounts of data are highly sought after.


Even without a data science or data analysis qualification, experience with tools such as Kafka, Spark and Redshift and fluency in languages such as Python or R are complementary skills that make developers attractive to employers.


3. Security

An increased reliance on the cloud, large amounts of valuable data, tightening regulations and more employees accessing networks remotely means that cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes.


Developers with knowledge of industry standards, data encryption, authentication, security testing and program lifecycles are ideal for security roles. Expertise in Python, Java and C++ as well as an understanding of SQL and other database languages help security developers assess vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses and test security protocols.


4. UX/UI design

As consumers move online businesses are shifting focus to creating intuitive user journeys and clean UX that works well across multiple devices making UX/UI design an important, sought-after skill.


Good UX developers have experience using design software such as Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator or Sketch and knowledge of design best practice. But they should also understand the process behind application development. An understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is beneficial.


5. DevOps

DevOps is all about balancing the needs of a software development cycle ensuring a balance between changes to a software/applications and maintenance/stability.


Tips for upskilling your software developer skills

Now you know what software developer skills are in-demand by employers it’s time to sharpen your technical skills required for being a software developer. There are lots of formal qualifications available but upskilling doesn’t need to include time consuming and expensive courses. Here are some tips for upskilling your software developer skills:


Look for online resources

There are thousands of resources available to developers looking to upskill out there. Everything from books, events, and conferences to podcasts and YouTube videos that will help you stay on top of tech trends and offer the chance for you to upskill.



Join a community

Becoming part of a community of developers is a great way to learn new skills, brush up old ones and build your network. Join communities like GitHub, a Google Developer Group or StackOverflow online or look for in-person coding bootcamps and workshops near you.



Access virtual courses

If you are looking to take a course but don’t have a lot of time, consider taking a virtual course where you learn at your own pace. Both Google and Microsoft offer certifications that are recognised by employers and there are numerous free courses available on sites like Udemy, Khan Academy and LinkedIn.



Brushed up your software developer skills and looking for a new role?


If you’re looking for your next STEM role, our consultants would be happy to help you find role that suits your skills and experience and that will push your career forward.


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