Security Serious Unsung Heroes Award nominee, Jonathan Stock

We are really pleased to announce our Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant, Jonathan Stock, has been nominated for a Security Serious Unsung Heroes Award.

Security Serious Unsung Heroes Award nominee, Jonathan Stock

The third annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards will take place on the 3rd October 2018 as part of Security Serious Week and Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The awards evening looks to honour the best of the UK’s IT security heroes who work tirelessly to avert disasters from attacks against our critical national infrastructure, defend their networks from the daily onslaught of breaches and highlight the cyber pitfalls to educate the public.

Jonathan Stock is one of the nominees in with a chance of winning the Cyber Writer Award. Jon is a dedicated Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant who goes over and above to write and deliver industry content to his growing network and their connections.

Jon has a blog called Take 'Stock' of your cybersecurity where he regularly posts unique content around trends within the cybersecurity industry.

As well as his IntaPeople blog Jon has also had his writing featured in a number of recognised cybersecurity websites and publications including:

Cybersecurity Trends - GDPR what comes next.jpg

Cyber Defense Magazine - This data is mine.jpg

cscss she'll be coming round the mountain.jpg

Cyber World - Blockchain Whos the new kid on the block.jpg

Infosecurity Europe Blog - The skills shortage within cybersecurity.jpg


Through his writing Jon is able to incorporate fun, cultural elements as well as thought-provoking cybersecurity facts, figures and opinions which makes his writing stand out from the crowd.

While Jon would never claim to be a cybersecurity expert he uses his writing style to convey practical messages to a wider audience. In his own words he said: “One of the most booming industries within IT, cybersecurity touches everyone in the world in different ways, and despite not being able to manually complete dynamic malware analysis or conduct a SQL injection, I still think I have an input into helping companies achieve the greater good; keeping the corrupt at bay!”

Jon is an excellent writer and his passion for cybersecurity is contagious. We wish him the best of luck at the upcoming awards night.

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