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DevOps Engineer / Consultant

  • Reference IP30087-JS
  • Salary £50,000 - £80,000
  • Location London
  • Job type Permanent

Cloud, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Automation, Agile, Puppet – all buzzwords thrown throughout the industry on a daily basis – they are key to the changing methods used within IT, then again, you knew that already, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at a DevOps Engineer advert…

Good thing you are though, as we’re looking for multiple DevOps Engineers / Consultants / Mavericks who want to continue to develop and grow their skillset.

About you…
You’re tech focussed at heart; you play with Ansible in a virtualised environment at home, you head onto Udemy to practice your Python coding, you’ve recently installed AWS RDS to find out more about your instances health status – everything you want to do is grow your technically focussed brain! You’re not afraid of challenges, you work around them to find solutions and be able to say “finished!”

What you’ll be doing…
You will work on the same project constantly and not get any variety as the DevOps technology and methodology are already in place – Wrong!

Our client are a massive consultancy, they work globally (this role is just UK based though so no jetsetting for you!), they have a bucket load of customers and they are well known. As a consultancy, they help companies of any size to help implement, develop and maintain DevOps capabilities, practices and best practice. You get to do the technical consultancy, implement the tech in different infrastructures and play around in a bucket (no AWS pun intended but if works!) load of environments.

What you can work with…
Here’s the tech stack you could work with, in an ideal world of rainbows and butterflies you’ll have worked with everything but if not, we’re still keen to hear from you;
* Cloud Hosting – You can be more AWS or more Azure focussed but ideally you’ve worked with both and want to keep developing both.
* Automation Tools – Can be anything from Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Terraform – we just want people who know how to work with them.
* CI Tools – things like Jenkins, Go, Bamboo etc is crucial for this role.
* Containerisation – this role gives you the ability to work with both Kubernetes and Docker.
* Development / Scripting – ideally experience with OOP languages (Java, C, Python, Ruby etc) or with scripting languages (Bash, Python, Perl, PHP etc)

Interested? Intrigued? Want to know more about the role and company? If you want a role with variety, with the ability to grow and to develop your skillset then get in touch. Show us you’re the DevOps guru we need.

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