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  • Reference IP28219-JS
  • Salary £50,000 - £70,000
  • Location Welwyn Garden City
  • Job type Permanent

It was 1843 in a small French village where d’Artagnan was wrestling with the idea of following his passion. He had heard of the SPLUNKeteers of the Guard, a respected elite department securing the country’s infrastructure with a solution that could be scaled up quickly. He aspired to join up with the three bravest SPLUNKeteers known to man; Baum, Das and Swan. D’Artagnan came to a decision and off he went to follow his heart and become the 4th SPLUNKeteer.

Who wants to be d’Artagnan? I know if I was technical I would be jumping on my noble steed and galloping into the interview…

IntaPeople are currently looking for a Splunk guru, one who wants to work on one of the largest Splunk platforms within the EU that gobbles up terabyte upon terabyte upon terabyte of data a day. You will be, as implied by the guru comment, continuing the deployment and delivery of Splunk across the organisation; supporting the Enterprise Splunk platform, contributing to the product development of extensions / apps, implementing monitoring solutions to draw feedback from and engaging with senior stakeholders throughout.

In order to be successful in this role, we are looking for candidates with the below experience;
* You guessed it – SPLUNK! Lots and lots of Splunk experience from cluster administration to data modelling, to configurations, to architecture and security. Ideally you’d be a Splunk Architect or looking to step up into a similar style role.
* A good level of experience with multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, UNIX etc)
* Good scripting experience – you can use whatever you want as long as it supports Splunk!
* Basic knowledge of network protocols and web technologies.

If this feels like it could be the role for you then get in touch.

As the good ol’ saying goes “All for Splunk and Splunk for all…”

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