Security and Forensics Engineer

  • Reference IP28217-JS
  • Salary £50,000 - £65,000
  • Location Welwyn Garden City
  • Job type Permanent

Your entire infrastructure has been offline for 20 minutes, enter Professor Plum claiming he’s got the answer; “Was it Colonel Mustard, on a RedHat OS, with Locky Ransomware?” In steps Miss Scarlet “Was it Reverend Green, along with 10,000 dedicated followers, administering a widespread DDoS attack?” I doubt Cluedo are thinking of bringing out a Cyber Security version of their game but luckily we have a real life role that can turn your day to day job into one big game of Cluedo…

IntaPeople are currently looking for a Security Engineer with a focus on Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Much like CSI Miami (I wasn’t a fan of CSI: NY!) you would be one of the first onto any scene; responsible for the forensic side of the incident response team. You would identify all of the threats within the infrastructure, gain all of the facts, and aim to keep them at bay. As a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Engineer you will be covering everything within forensics; from the network to the host and every little detail inbetween.

As always there will be the pretty standard job responsibilities (it can’t all be fun and games!) where you will work closely with other teams, be developed with further skills, represent the Digital Forensics team, follow the code of conduct and keep knowledge sharing to improve the security of the entire company. You will also get to work in a great company, with a good benefits package (discounts on board games excluded!) and get to work with all of the latest technology.

In order to be considered we need people with the below skills and passion;
* Experienced within Digital Forensics and Incident Response (be pretty awkward if you didn’t!) ideally working with tools such as Encase, X-Ways, FTK, Autopsy etc and understanding file system fundamentals such as NFTS, FAT, ext2, ext4 etc.
* Understanding of anti-forensic techniques, timeline analysis, memory management concepts and modern attack tools and network protocols.
* Experience with static and dynamic analysis, memory analysis frameworks, and safe handling of malicious files.
* Good background with IDS analysis, creation of network signatures and ideally of sandbox technologies.

If you want to score some ultimate brownie points then candidates with certificates in Forensic Analysis (GCFA), Forensic Examination (GCFE), Intrusion (CR IA, CC HIA or CC NIA) and Malware Analysis (GREM or CC MRE) will definitely pass Go and collect £200. By the way, we won’t actually give you £200 – this is a Monopoly reference

As a company, we know that we are asking a lot but as long as you can demonstrate most of the above skills, with a passion to develop further then we are keen to hear from you. You might be in Digital Forensics with a passion for Cyber Security, or Vice Versa, and trying to step into a role like this – great, get in touch and let’s see what we can do together.

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