Front End Developer

  • Reference IP28133-JS
  • Salary £30,000 - £50,000
  • Location Basingstoke
  • Job type Permanent

“You put your JavaScript in, your JavaScript out,
Angular, React, Angular, React you shake it all about,
Improve the functionality and sort the Front End out,
That’s what it’s all about…”

The Hokey Cokey is a stable part of the majority of childhood activities, you learn it in school and 9 times out of 10 do it on a regular basis; my football team as a youngster used to do it as part of their warm up to get the juices going. Now let’s try and combine it with Front End Development. The basis of the song will always stay the same; you can change the lyrics around, you can add new dance moves but ultimately it’s the same song and will still evoke the same memories with people.

That, to me with a non-technical head on, is the same as Front End Development. The basis of the website stays the same as the initial concept. You can change the functionality, you can add new features, you can even redesign the whole user experience but ultimately the same task will be performed.

IntaPeople are currently helping an organisation to find a good Hokey Cokey dancer… wait I mean Front End Developer. The Front End team are responsible for doing everything with the company websites, their application suite and additional platforms. These were all built to a bespoke design, all internally made which helps our company move forward within their industry. We are looking for someone who likes to tinker with technology, likes to break things and put them back together, likes to solve the trickiest of problems and wants to learn emerging technologies.

As always, there are certain technologies that our client are looking for experience in;
JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
Any Front End framework; React, Angular, Vue, Backbone, JQuery – it doesn’t matter at all but ideally you’ll have knowledge of a view and be able to jump from one to the other (much like the Hokey Cokey)
Experience working with PHP and Ruby would also be a great asset.
Ability to work in a tight knit Agile team with a good level of experience with UI and UX.

To be honest, that’s all we want, what we really really want. If you’ve got the above skills and want to have a chat about the role; jump in with both feet, apply for the position with your most up-to-date CV and we’ll be in touch.

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