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Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

  • Reference IP28101-JS
  • Salary £25,000 - £40,000
  • Location London
  • Job type Permanent

“Data loopy nuts are we,
Me and him and them and me,
We’ll show you what we can do,
With a load of clustering and a web application too.”

Hopefully the lyrics of Chaz and Dave have caught your interest; for anyone who doesn’t know Chaz and Dave they were in their heyday back in the 80s where data was stored with no significance placed on it. As Chaz and Dave have declined (despite sporadic TV appearances) data, and its importance, has sky rocketed. Companies are using it for numerous reasons; to create targeted adverts, to improve operations, to check out competition but IntaPeople’s client are doing something slightly darker….

Our client spend the majority of their day in the Dark Web, the Deep Web, the TOR Network, the Onion Network (or whatever you want to call it!); half of their team have developed a web application that scrapes for data, pulls out trends, and the other half of the team are Intelligence Analysts, with a passion for Cyber Security, who decipher everything and then advise their clients on the next potential attack they might be affected by. That’s right, this role is varied so there’s two options / roles that candidates can be considered for and it’s all down to your background.

The main skills we are looking for in all candidates are strong analytical mind sets with a good level of experience working with analytical tools. Candidates also need good communication skills (written and verbal) as they will be liaising with multiple clients on a daily basis. Ideally you’ll also have a passion for Cyber Security, you love identifying new threats and risks and want to make this your full time career. Now this is where the background can differ, you can be like.….

Chaz – Chaz is technical, he loves scripting and is constantly learning new frameworks for Python. He’d be great getting involved in technical aspects but also enjoys the analytic side of working out trends and patterns.

Or you could be like Dave – Dave has a decent understanding of technical scripting but he much more prefers the analytic side and engaging with clients on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if he’s giving good, bad or indifferent updates, he enjoys the interaction and building long-term relationships.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please get in touch. Ideally we are looking for candidates who have been in a similar position previously but if you’re starting your career, or crossing over from a different discipline, that’s fine too. As long as you can demonstrate the skills our client are looking and a passion to further develop we’d be more than happy to speak to you.

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