Starting out – your limited company

We have put together a basic guide to explain what a limited company is and how it is relevant to contracting.

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IR35 affects all contractors who do not meet HMRC's definition of 'self-employment'. We have created a guide with all you need to know.

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Agency Working Regulations (AWR)

AWR entitles agency workers to the same basic employment and working conditions as a direct employee. AWR is in full effect once they have worked for 12 weeks in the same job.

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Choosing a contractor accountant

A contractor accountant can advise you on relevant legislation as well as saving you time and money. Our consultants have written an article with advice on choosing a contractor accountant.

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How to write a good contractor CV

Contractor CVs are different to CVs targeting permanent roles as they are typically longer and go into more detail about specific projects. Find out how to write the perfect contractor CV.

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