As a hiring manager, how you conduct a job interview and the questions you ask as an interviewer impacts on the success of your recruitment process. Failing to ask the right questions could result in a poor hire which, “at mid-manager level, with a salary of £42,000, can cost a business more than £132,000 due to the accumulation of costs relating to training, lost productivity and more.”

Whether you’re hiring software developers, cyber security analysts or design engineers you need to prepare specific interview questions that are relevant to your industry, company and the role. Having a list of questions to ask as an interviewer can not only give you confidence in the recruitment process, but it also enables you to keep a level of consistency when assessing different candidates.

The best interviews are a conversation rather than an interrogation, you don’t want the questions you ask as an interviewer to impede the flow of the discussion but at the same time, having a selection of interview questions planned can help you refocus if the conversation goes off track.

When there is competition for the best talent you want to keep your recruitment process as concise as possible, with a limited number of interview stages. Consequently, you need to make sure you find out everything you need to know and ask the candidate all the necessary questions as you might not have another opportunity.

Interview questions to ask software developers

You’ve written the job description; you’ve shortlisted the candidates and now it’s time to get the software developers in for an interview, but what should you ask? How can you get the most out of a candidate? What will give you a true representation of their capabilities and work ethic? Here’s a few techniques some of our industry leaders are using:

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Top engineering interview questions for hiring managers

What attributes make a good engineer? What questions can you ask to assess these candidates? Here we highlight some key engineering interview questions.

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35 commonly asked project manager interview questions

With so many IT project managers on the market it can be a bit of a lottery. Considering the importance and difference a great project manager can make to a business we’ve put together the most asked project manager interview questions to help you select the best project manager for your team.

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Top 10 interview questions for physicists

Assessing candidates and facilitating a conversation is an important skill, especially in industries with skill shortages where selling the role is vitally important. We asked our clients what interview questions they ask when hiring physicists and compiled the best ones to help you create a positive interview experience.

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8 successful software engineering interview questions

With competition for the best software engineers and developers high, many companies are ditching 3-4 stage interviews with lengthy, time consuming technical challenges and switching it for more quick-fire Q&A sessions. With adequate preparation hiring managers should be able to ask the right interview questions to determine who would be a suitable match for their role and team.

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Cyber security interview questions from hiring managers

After job writing an effective cyber security job description, interviews are the next hurdle to jump on the way to finding that perfect cyber security candidate to join your company. Some people love doing them, some see them as another necessary evil in the recruitment process, but what sort of things should you ask within a cyber security interview?

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