When it comes to job interviews there’s a lot of focus on the candidate and their preparation but as a hiring manager how you prepare and conduct your interviews is just as important. Failing to adequately prepare can not only impact your ability to assess a candidate’s suitability, if the candidate has a poor experience this can also affect the reputation of your employer brand, particularly with brands like Glassdoor encouraging candidates to leave anonymous interview reviews online.

Interviewing advice for hiring managers

A lot of the tips and advice we offer to candidates also applies to hiring managers; it’s important to be prepared, smile when you talk and use strong and confident eye contact. Just like the candidate is trying to sell themselves, you are trying to sell the role and your company; and interview is a two-way process.

When you are interviewing candidates, remember it should be a conversation rather than an interrogation. You need to ask thoughtful questions based on the candidate’s answers, e.g. How did that turn out? Why did this happen? Who was responsible for…? Why was something a success or failure? What did you learn from this?

Getting the best out of candidates at interview stage and being able to fairly assess their capabilities is a skill. Interviewing candidates for technical positions requires thought and preparation to ensure you ask the right questions related to the responsibilities of the vacancy, which in turn allows you to compare and assess candidates properly. 

How to conduct an interview; a hiring manager’s guide

As a hiring manager it’s important you know how to conduct an effective job interview that benefits both you and the candidate. A job interview is a two-way process and it’s your responsibility to ensure the applicant can ask questions and get to know you, as well as you getting to know them.

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How to interview someone for a job; tips and advice

Interviewers often have little or no training around how to interview someone for a job and the questions to ask a candidate in an interview. If you’re a hiring manager responsible for interviewing candidates, we have you covered with our helpful interview tips.

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Questions to ask as an interviewer

What should you ask a candidate in a job interview? Here we look at industry specific interview questions including development, engineering and cyber security.

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