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2018: Grab your crystal balls or consult the oracle

Welcome to the start of 2018, when the crystal balls come out and start predicting the year ahead. I’m definitely not the Oracle, however, I believe these are the main predictions to impact cybersecurity in 2018.


Where’s the next big hit?

No, I am not referring to Taylor Swift and if she is going to release yet another revenge song. I am referring to cybersecurity hacks, and where we could possibly be hit the hardest next.


4 tips to manage your digital risk

Anyone who attended InfoSec2017 would be aware of the vast amount of technical solutions to safeguard your infrastructure and company. These 4 tips will help you get a grasp of what you need to deal with cybersecurity threats.

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Data Breaches: Are you an ostrich or an eagle?

Approximately 40% of businesses hide IT security incidents from the public and authorities. We look at the reasons behind this and how sharing these incident details helps secure our systems.

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Banging your head against a wall burns 1500 calories in an hour

Have you ever clicked an unfamiliar link that promised you the weirdest facts ever? Phishing attacks mask themselves in links which offer tempting information while covertly stealing your data.


Autobots assemble: The emergence of AI in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity technologies have advanced drastically over the last few years and now we are seeing a new beast take shape. AI is the new emergence within the industry but will it help in the defence against hackers?

Autobots assemble The emergence of AI in cybersecurity.jpg

Just keep plugging, just keep plugging: A view on the cybersecurity skills shortage

Could cross-training talented professionals from external industries be a quick and easy solution to the cybersecurity skills shortage?

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Password security: It's like sellotaping your house key to the front door...

What are the most common passwords of 2016 and how can individuals avoid being hacked?

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Hacking: Cheaper than a Nando's chicken

The world is changing and more cybercriminals are emerging. With this comes cheaper versions of hacking and more of these type of threats.

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Cybersecurity and IoT: The rise of the Hackers

The Internet of Things, as great as it is in the technical world, is allowing breaches to happen on a regular basis. So what can be done?

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Cybersecurity: Is it a process or a product?

Cybersecurity products are heavily marketed as the solution to the rising threat of hacking attempts. However, spending thousands of pounds on a product may be a waste without proper processes and education.

Cybersecurity Is it a process or a product.jpg

Hackers: It’s blurry between the dark and light side

There is more to hacking than just the dark side. We need more emphasis on the good hackers, the positive work they do and how they help society.

Hackers It’s blurry between the dark and light side.jpg

GDPR: It’s going to be like getting a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris

GDPR has been the topic of conversation at many cybersecurity events recently and it is going to have a major impact on companies across the UK, but what is it?

GDPR It’s going to be like getting a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris.jpg

Another day, another breach. This time it is Tesco Bank

Did you know an angry seagull forced Truro’s Tesco supermarket to close? Unfortunately this wasn’t the only bad thing to happen to Tesco after there was a cybersecurity attack on Tesco Bank which affected around 40,000 customers.

Another day, another breach. This time it is Tesco Bank.jpg

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